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Truly worldwide

Sparkssup>ࠗorldwide not only creates better global ideas with local flavors and country-specific gems, but we use data, best practices, and leading products from around the world to make our case.

ࠠ For the past 5 years, 70% of our work has been in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.ࠆor a 10 year span, all our work was in Europe.

ࠠ Sparks⠰resident has traveled in 81 countries, lived abroad for 11 years, earned an MBA in international business from Thunderbird, and has studied Arabic, French, and Spanish.

ࠠ Sparks work has touched more than 200 countries.

Some of the folks weⶥ developed products and programs for...

Some of the agencies weⶥ done new business pitches for...


J. Walter Thompson, Draft Worldwide, Grey/G2, N.W. Ayer Direct,

Rosetta (interactive, formerly Simstar), McCann Erickson,

Earle Palmer Brown, Waring & LaRosa, Gramercy Group (sold to Publicis),

čB&B, Bates, Pedone & Partners, ACG Communications (interactive)

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