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Western Union Global Marketing Conference (Austria) and Innovation Day

WomenⳠRoadmap to Long-Lasting Careers Conference, Business Development Center (Jordan)

GE WomenⳠNetwork Global Leadership Summit

Standard Chartered Loyalty Conference (Singapore)

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Treasury Management Association

Technology Leaders of America

Rotary Club, Barrington IL

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Sears Marketing Conference

LetⳠExpatriate, Chicago Public Library


Some other corporate presentations include:ࠠAmerican Express, Chase, Citibank, Home Depot, HP, Gap, Weight Watchers, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Ford Motor Company, Fisher-Price


~ Top emerging global trends and examples of how your company can use them

~ Banking on alternative currencies紨e future of ㆯrEx䠦or mobile airtime and virtual currencies

~ Global Mobile灭azing examples of how mobile phones are used, and whatⳠnext for your industry

~ Micro on Mobile痨y leveraging existing, frequent MOBILE habits (e.g., SMS), rather than Web, shopping or banking habits, is a winning strategy

~ Critical Exchangesm碲ainstorming on a product or problem that you choose that drives actionable results

~ The Best Ideas in the World Come From...稯w you can change AmericaⳠposition from follower to leader

~ Sparks of Innovation筯tivating your employees to build best-in-market products and promotions

~ Beg, Borrow, Buy稯w࠷e spend, how we save, why we keep getting in debt

~ AmericaⳠCorporate Brain Drain (for HR professionals)糥crets about the exodus of your best employees

~ Bullies at Work糨ould you stay or should you go?ࠗhy only 1 percent of bullies are fired

~ 15 Magical, Memorable Travel Experiences

㔨e presentation was unexpectedly productive. I found Babs, the speaker, very experienced and apparently well-informed on the topic at hand. Her initial promise was she would tell the truth, put up all the red flags, so that members of the audience would have an unembellished, frank view of the topic. It was worth my time, worth my trouble to get there.

Kudos to the organizers!䠼/span>



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Topic:ࠔhe best ideas in the world come from宼/span>

America.ࠗhere innovation was king.ࠉn fashion, cars, electronics, architecture, TV shows, international trade, teamwork, and business leadership, America is runner-up.ࠆorty-one percent of U.S. patents have a foreign inventor or co-inventor listed.

ࠠ Babs Ryan, a global consumer trends forecaster and product developer who has traveled in 81 countries, says, "Americans are connecting with Nokia. Ninety-five percent of their wardrobe is made abroad.ࠁsia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East are seizing the lead in innovation."

ࠠ This is good news for some Americans.ࠁre you one of them?ࠁre you in the right place at the right time to grasp the dragonⳠtail?ࠃan the U.S. regain its leadership position, and, if so, how can you be part of it?ࠒyan will show how we can 㣨ange䠴he world from our desks through international innovation.


Featured Speech

ࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠࠠ Organization of Women

੮ International Trade ࠠࠠ





㉠really enjoyed watching you stir up the groupⳠpassion

with your provocative and fantastically real stimulus砼/span>

people catching each others⠥yes and nodding,

writing notes, and really getting excited and challenged.伯span>

Liz Evenden

?What If! The Innovation Company, UK


ァbs Ryan is a rattle-your-cage, thought-provoking author,

outstanding presenter, insightful businesswomen, and brilliant marketer.伯span>

Angela DiBartolo

LLKFB Direct Communications,ࠐresident


㙯ur presentation--we all thoroughly enjoyed it.伯span>

Maureen Sanderson

Organization of Women in International Trade


㉠continue to get people telling me how much

they enjoyed your message, Babs.ࠁ real wake-up call.࠼/span>

ࠉ wish you hadnⴠset such a high standard for future meetings!伯span>

Patrick Moroney

Technology Leaders Association,ࠐresident