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Your toughest customers?ࠃo-workers


Despite all the hype about change, research proves that most employees of larger companies block change.

ࠠ Colleagues stop change to protect their jobs, keep their expert status, stay in their comfort zone, but often because they donⴠreally understand what is being proposed.࠼/span>

ࠠ Sparks Worldwide LLC presents ideas in a visual format, as the end consumer might see them, so you can show your colleagues what the idea is.

ࠠ Weⶥ found that once co-workers are picking apart the copy or design, theyⶥ bought into the concept.࠼/span>

ࠠ Sparkssup> is not an ad agency, although weⶥ worked in plenty, and won new business pitches for dozens.ࠠArt direction and copywriting are best left to professionals at your integrated and advertising agencies.ࠂut you⬬ end up saving costs and time when you have rough concepts to sell-in ideas to stakeholders and to use to brief your agencies.

The best predictor of future behavior isࠠࠠ࠰ast behavior


Banks and retailers use credit scores, which are based upon past behavior, because it works!ࠆor example, Sparks ethnographic, primary, and secondary research proved that late payers will continue to pay late regardless of incentives.ࠓales data and videos donⴠlie.

ࠠ Sparks finds new data, uses your existing data, and correlates it to building new products/programs or to improving your current products.ࠗe overlay existing trends to move your business in the direction you want to go.࠼/span>

ࠠ New research usually isnⴠnecessary.ࠏur broad experience of data digging, products, trends, and market segments generates rapid results.

ࠠ Sparks leverages consumers' habits to drive the indicators you care about most, whether itⳠunit sales, revenue, acquisition, net profit, CIF, ARPU, loyalty, basket size, or churn.

Presenting visual concepts of product ideas:ࠓparks⠣oncept for offering a gift card in a greeting card with a personal voice message played upon activation...

ࠠࠠࠠࠠ...and the clientⳠlive version

Sparks uncovered through extensive research that JCP shoppers loved knowing secrets.ࠍore importantly, we found they love to tell secrets (word of mouth).ࠗe translated this into InsiderPerks with Private Pricing, a program that increased credit volume from $4 billion to $8.2 billion 堼/span>MORE

Trends you can use


Sparks produces global top trends reports and newsletters, and gives industry-specific trends presentations with examples in the marketplace.ࠁnd we provide examples of how to apply those to your company, in your industry.

Do you know about these trends:ࠒeality Mobile, Doing Nothing, Me, Inc?ࠓhould you?

strmText Box: Brainstorming?  ItⳠall wet

How many earth-shattering new products or programs has your company launched that resulted from brainstorming?  Or are you still doing discounts, points, gold cards, and price promotions?
    Studies show that the typical result of brainstorming (and Six Sigma DMAIC) is to proceed with the idea the key decision-maker wanted before the brainstorm took place.
    Ruling  㮯 idea is a bad idea䠩s a bad idea, because most ideas are not based upon data or consumer behavior and trends.  Furthermore, it is the natural tendency of most employees to think why something will not work as soon as it is uttered.
    Sparks leverages natural critical behavior with its novel team ideation process─ Critical Exchangesm ─ igniting profitable, patentable products and marketing programs.
    Book a Critical Exchange session at your company when youⲥ ready to blow away competition.

Stifling your competitors


Are your products and programs patentable?ࠠBy neglecting to trademark and patent, innovative companies can unwittingly become R&D resources for their competitors that slightly modify the idea and sweep away their market share. 

ࠠ Sparks is an invention farm.  We can help you build your idea so that it has a greater chance of staying yours.ࠗe⬬ work with your Legal department and IP firm to protect your intellectual property and market share.

When Sears launched a line of Ty Pennington Home products, Sparks took it one stage further.

ࠠTy Take Outs were room makeover kits you could do in a weekend.ࠔhe Taste of Asia bathroom makeover came in a giant take out carton with Chinese character tile tattoos, while the Tuscany-themed backyard makeover was packaged in a mega pizza box with square solar lighted stepping stones inside.

Agency new business pitches


Sparks has an 70% agency pitch win rate.ࠔhe norm?࠱5%.

ࠠ How?ࠃlients rarely look for a new agency because the marketing is weak穴Ⳡbecause business is slumping, sales are down.ࠓparks helps agencies find and address the potential clientⳠreal problem, and then communicate to end customers.

ࠠ Having been on both client and integrated agency sides in senior roles, Sparks leaders translate RFPs to reveal what clients really want to see, and prevent agencies from wasting valuable pitch time in 3 keys ways.

ࠠ Clients are integrated, so agencies (and their key staff) ought to be.ࠠSparks develops the best business and communications solutions and helps direct and coach Planning, Creative, Production, Traffic, Media, and Account to win.

Sparks led the agency account team that won the Fisher-Price direct marketing account.

Why Sparkssup> isࠤifferent:࠰atentable ideas, making your business better


1. Sparks creates better products and better customer solutions, instead of more price cut promotions.ࠏur recommendations are based upon finding and analyzing global data relevant to your business.ࠗe show how to fix your business/product problem.࠙ou wonⴠget another points program, platinum card, or discount ad, most of which fail to drive incremental sales and actually lower profitability.࠼/span>

2. Many of our Sparks⠢usiness solutions are patentable, meaning they are unique and, if patented, protected from competitors.ࠗe not only develop patentable products and processes (like an aircraft repair program for major airlines with fixed annual costs, or a 㓨op by Shape䠦loor layout and customer strategy for an apparel retail giant), we seek patentable ways to communicate your current products to consumers.