When Kawasaki suffered from overstock of outdated models due to a rapidly declining motorcycle market in the UK, Sparks designed matching leathers (supplied by top racewear manufacturer Manx) to move last year’s models out of the warehouse and dealer showrooms, without discounting.

    In the UK, wearing racing leathers (apparel is called “kit”) was a popular, but unobtainable, goal by many enthusiasts and most new riders.  Racing leathers were worn for everyday riding, but too expensive, in a country where a motorcycle was usually the sole means of transportation and cost half the average annual salary.

    The leathers promotion package was the first ever promotional insert in the top weekly motorcycling newspaper, MotorCycle News.  Stickers on fairings of selected models highlighted the offer in dealer showrooms.

    Results?  Five of the 6 outdated models sold out within 3 weeks—and sales of other models increased due to word of mouth generated by the smart kit.  Kawasaki achieved a 65% national market share in motorcycles over 500cc, the most profitable sector.  In one year, Kawasaki produced the first and only marketing database of 80,000 motorcyclists in a country with annual sales of 100,000 units. 

Kawasaki motorcycle kit




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