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Sparks of Innovation


Botox® Cosmetic mirror MasterCard®    When Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic asked for a rebate loyalty program reflecting … MORE

Shoprite MasterCard   Sparks got a 6.8% DM acquisition response, where 0.3% is the norm—one of MC’s most successful launches ever.  One secret?  Not having a big supermarket brand on the plastic!

Sears® storybook catalogs (patent pending)     How do you get parents and kids to view your print ads together 7 times?... MORE

Kawasaki motorcycle kit   When Kawasaki suffered from overstock of outdated models … MORE

Funny banking   Using a little humor increased use of Valley National Bank’s  new  telebanking service by 1000% (yes, 1000%).


De Beers 25th wedding anniversary   This hand-raising campaign offered a free, original copy of the New York Times, printed on the marriage day 25 years ago … MORE

The Original   For premium spenders, Sparks recommended credit cards made of laminated canvas, which were original, signed, one-off real paintings by  well-known artists … MORE

Small business cards   Sparks research found that entrepreneurs used their personal cards for business.  What would change their minds?  A credit card that looked exactly like their business card, which they were so proud to present. 

    Sparks presented this to Advanta,  No. 2 in small business credit cards in the U.S. at the time, who adopted it.

UK’s No. 1 women’s monthly   Sparks pitched in on the media launch of Prima, which took the title … MORE

Amazing Results    When Standard Chartered Bank sponsored The Amazing Race Asia TV series, Sparks was asked to design banking products and  challenges for the racing competitors … MORE

Chocolate card and chocolate kiss    In 2006, Sparks pitched this Chocolate Card and the mini keychain version, Kiss Card, wrapped in silver foil.  In 2009, Epos Japan launched a similar chocolate card.

Middle Eastern business   Sparks specializes in banking and mobile in the Middle East.  Our “La La” campaign in Bahrain (“la” means “no” in Arabic) was something to sing about, with none of the no-no’s you usually get with banks.  We developed Shari’ah product enhancements and market re-positioning, extending appeal to non-Muslims.  With mobile, we’ve created products and partnerships for Zain, Orange, Méditel, Maroc Telecom, MTN, and Vodafone.  Our president has traveled in 12 MENA countries … MORE

Ford video test drive a hit at Blockbuster

In addition to leading the national direct marketing launch for Windstar and Contour, Sparks recommended Blockbuster as a partner for Ford’s Northeast region.

    The free Ford “Test Drive” movie rental at Blockbuster made Ford NE the top sales territory. 

Western Union lights up the World Music Awards   To create a viral commotion about their new mobile money transfer service, Western Union became an official sponsor of the World Music Awards.  Sparks wanted one billion viewers in 160 countries to light up their phones at the same time … MORE

A Christmas Card they really want   After Sparks came up with the name “MoneyWise” for Western Union’s prepaid debit card, we recommended a greeting card concept that would allow givers to record a personal message, heard when the recipient called to activate the card.


Convincing diabetics to make a change    Getting 9 million patients to try a new medical device isn’t easy.

    Sparks’ It’s Your Thing integrated campaign with free demo video for Eli Lilly resulted in 300,000 weekly scripts for the new insulin pen.

Sears Salary (patent pending)   How did putting Sears VIP customers “on the payroll” result in a 900% increase in sales? ... MORE

Think green   Sure, we’ve developed green products and green programs for our clients.  Just be sure your corporation and senior management are living green if you “go green.”


Walmart Customer’s Best Tips   Walmart loved this Tips guide written for and by their customers, as a way to promote their products and services.




Mobile innovation   50% of Kenyans pay for goods and services, like soda and taxi rides, by texting money from their mobile phones … MORE


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PayStationsm for PlayStation  Game companies and social networks need dual currencies—real, plus virtual ones for trading online.   Sparks developed concepts leveraging 48,000 U.S. and 300,000 worldwide Western Union locations as PayStations for cashing in and out currency, reloading accounts, and trading between console games and MMORPG players.  You could buy levels, acquire virtual weapons or goods, pay other players, and download games, movies, or music.

Citibank mortgage revival   Reversing the mortgage crisis with a yo-yo? ... MORE

Text Box: Beijing Paralympics  How can credit card companies get more share of wallet among existing credit cardholders?  By taking up more room in the REAL wallet.  This temporary additional “companion” card with the same account number allowed cardholders to still get one bill, contribute the same way to their current rewards program, plus sponsor the national Paralympics athlete of their choice.  Plus, they’d receive personal tweets, IMs and blog access from their favorite athlete...  MORE