How do you sell to kids?  Sparks presented research showing that parents enjoyed making joint decisions with their children, and kids were influenced primarily by what other kids or characters had, i.e., “I want Emily’s coat.”

    Sunday newspaper inserts and direct mail flyers are scanned once and thrown away, but children’s books are read together 7 times!  Sparks presented Sears with illustrated and copywritten concepts of storybook catalogs.  Adventures on Enchanted Lane was patented and printed!

    Parents loved this series of 7 free storybooks, illustrated by award-winning storybook illustrator Tim Bowers and produced by Scholastic, the global children's publishing, education and media company.  Sears sales soared as kids clamored for Molly’s backpack and Carlo’s shirt, without discounting.

    A bedtime story with a happy ending.

Sears® patented storybook catalog




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